Leadership Team

Gordon D. Donald, M.D.


Dr. Donald is the original founder and principal of MST. As a biomechanical engineer and orthopedic spinal surgeon, he has had a prolific career in invention and medical device start-ups. Dr. Donald is well published in peer-reviewed literature and editor of two textbooks on orthopedic fracture fixation. He is inventor on over 10 patents specific to orthopedic and medical devices as well as surface functionalization. Dr. Donald has been a cofounder and board member of a spinal surgical implant company, K2M, and a neuromodulation company, electroCore, focusing on noninvasive vagal nerve stimulation. These companies both underwent successful IPOs and K2M went on to be acquired by Stryker Corp. for $1.5 billion. Presently, Dr. Donald continues to serve as advisor and medical director for multiple medical device and biomaterial companies.

Dr. Donald co-manages business development at MST and is responsible for interfacing all scientific and business functions.

Marc H. Burel


Mr. Burel is a cofounder and principal at MST where he oversees facility operations, development of partner relationships, and fundraising. Mr. Burel is a veteran medical industry executive with 30 years experience in orthopedics and biological devices.

Mr. Burel is responsible for all core business functions of MST and is MST’s primary coordinator with active and potential corporate partners to bring their technology to a fully commercialized product.

Randy Clevenger, Ph.D.


The scientific team at Molecular Surface Technologies is led by Dr. Clevenger, who has built his career on the creation of revolutionary covalently bound functionalized surfaces. While he was Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Orthobond, he developed a covalently bound antimicrobial surface applicable to surgical implants. He also led a team to partner with two orthopedic device companies to pursue FDA approval and achieve commercialization. Dr. Clevenger is inventor on over 12 patents describing proprietary chemical methods and compositions to achieve sustainable functionalized material surfaces.

Dr. Clevenger is a cofounder and currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer at MST where he has been prolific in research and development. At MST, Dr. Clevenger has broadened the scope of material and functionalized surface applications with novel linker and end group technologies.

CJ Kim, Ph.D.

Director of Chemistry

Dr. Kim is oversees the material surface laboratory at MST. With a doctoral degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Dr. Kim brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to the development of the chemical methods for our novel surfaces and scalable proprietary practices necessary for future commercializable manufacturing. Dr. Kim has specific skills in organic and polymer chemistry and is inventor on 16 patents with over 14 peer-reviewed publications and five book chapters. Dr. Kim has worked with Dr. Clevenger for over nine years, initially holding the position of Senior Principal Scientist at Orthobond.

Kristin Blacklock, Ph.D.

Director of Biology

Dr. Blacklock joined MST after graduating from Rutgers University, where she completed her doctoral degree in Quantitative Biomedicine as a joint program with the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. With a strong research background and extensive list of publications, Dr. Blacklock serves as Director of Biology and has established the microbiology and mammalian cell laboratories at MST. Dr. Blacklock has been quite prolific in developing biological testing of MST’s functionalized material surfaces and has presented her research at the Orthopedic Research Society annual meeting (2020). Dr. Blacklock oversees all biological development and testing of the active antimicrobial and biogenic surfaces.